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This Dog Got an Amazing Dancing Skill Does Better than His Owner

Who doesn’t love dogs – especially a dog that can dance better than most humans? Dogs are more than just man’s best friend. They can be too loyal and will be there for you through ups and downs. These cute furry creatures that sometimes can be bigger than you have already served humans for too many years. Their cuteness plagues the internet and this video is apparently one of those that show how adorable and even entertaining these furry friends of ours can get.

Most dogs are just trained to do basic tricks like playing dead or fetching. Some breeds are trained to provide assistance to their owners while other dogs are trained for rescue missions and even to detect illegal substances. But this golden retriever is apparently trained to perform an impressive merengue dance. Originally, Merengue is a rural folk dance but later became a ballroom dance performed by a couple.

The golden retriever wore an adorable sparkly dress and can be seen performing the dance routine with her owner. It is amazing that she can stand on her two hind legs and move around for more than a minute. She even twists and turns! Apparently, she can dance merengue much better than most humans.

This adorable furry dancer just proves how intelligent golden retrievers are. He memorized the routine and performs it seamlessly throughout the video! Golden Retrievers is one of the most popular dogs in the United States apparently because of their tolerance, calm, and friendly attitude. It also makes them a fabulous family pet. They are not bothered by the commotion and noise of kids. As family dogs, this breed needs to live indoors with the human “pack”. Also, they should not spend hours without any companion in the backyard.

Aside from the ability to learn routines and perform a dance as what you can see on the video, this breed also excels at tracking, retrieving games for the hunters, sniffing out dangerous substances or drugs, and can be assistance and therapy dogs. They also do well in dog’s sports like competitive obedience and agility.

This video that surfaced the internet was captured by a bystander. It has already shared and viewed many times. Watch it and find out what is behind the buzz. It may even take your stress away! Let them dance to the beat!

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