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This Heartwarming Story of Giving Will Melt Your Heart “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple’; what a beautiful quotes this is and in the video uploaded on Facebook, an inspiring story of giving can teach all of us a lesson or two. The video started with a girl looking at cake at the grocery store when a young man also approaches the cake stand. There’s only one cake left for that flavor and the girl was looking intently so the man handed it to her even if it seemed like he was also eyeing the cake.

When it was time to pay, the girl’s grandmother didn’t have extra money with her so they had to give back the cake and the girl felt very lonely. The young man who was also by the cake stand saw what happened so he followed them home and handed her the cake he bought for her.

She was so happy and took the cake. When they came home, an old man was waiting for them and it was his birthday. The story is that the young man who gave them the cake was the same boy who the old man gave a cake to when the young man’s mother couldn’t buy him a birthday cake.


As the old man was leaving, the mother of the young boy asked for his address so they can pay him back when they have money but instead of giving his address he wrote the quote ‘A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple’ and true enough, the young boy grew up to be a fine young man who also has a generous heart like the old man who helped him before.

Giving doesn’t necessarily mean giving a lot as long as your intention is pure. Whenever you give something, you help a person and that person will also one day help another human being.

See the touching video here | YouTube

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