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This is How Airport Staff Taking Care of Our Luggage in Hong Kong

When you are traveling, you follow the regulations by heart. You respect the rules and you expect that you will be treated in the same manner. But how would you feel if you will witness with your own eyes how your luggage is being treated by the airport staff? Every traveler has important documents or precious items in their luggage and they would only want it of course to be handled with utmost care. They would understand though that there can be some scratches due to the many luggage the airport staff are handling at the same time.

This video though will truly cause disappointment and anger. Who would ever think that the Hongkong Airport would be trending in social media in a bad light? Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker arrived in Hongkong on the morning of September 27, 2018 and as seen in her Facebook post, posted a video showing how the airport staff was mishandling the suitcases of the passengers. Imagine her surprise, disappointment and perhaps anger over seeing how her luggage was being thrown like a piece of garbage.

It can be seen in the video that the staff was handling the luggage terribly and with no fear at all that they might be apprehended for doing so. They didn’t seem to care that there might be passengers or even airport officials watching them.

This video spread like wildfire as it reached a high 71k shares on and around 6k comments on Facebook. The netizens were enraged upon watching the video and some realized why their fragile items in their past travels got broken. There should be a disciplinary action for the said airport staff so they won’t be doing that again in the future. They should learn to treat each luggage with respect because they are not being paid to destroy them.

Watch the video here | Facebook

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