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This is the Smallest Island in the World Where Only One House Is Standing

Would you live on an island so small that it only fits one house and a tree? The smallest island in the world is located between New York and Ontario in Alexandria Bay. It’s such a tiny island that it only measures 3,300 square feet or about the size of a tennis court. The front of the house only has a couple of chairs along with a tree and a bush because of its size. The back of the house has no more space to walk on. That’s how small it is but the presence of the chairs makes it a comfortable spot and where a small group can have intimate conversations over coffee or beer.


While some people dream of owning a whole island with a luxury villa and swimming pool, the family who owns this simply wants to get away from the city on their free time that they’re already satisfied with this house.

They only need to be careful as they get out of the house because they might suddenly fall into the water. What’s nice about the island is that it offers stunning view of the banks where many trees are planted and turns to different hues of orange, yellow and red during autumn.

Despite its size, the important thing is that the owners feel good when they’re inside their comfortable home. The best part is they get to have the island all by to themselves and they can have time to relax when they’re not at work. The house on the smallest island may not be the most expensive house there is but its simplicity and its characteristic meant for chill time makes this quiet retreat the best island for its owners.


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