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If You Are Waking Up At Different Time Every Night, This Is What It Means

Sleeping is as important as eating for many people but sometimes stress causes lack of sleep along with other health conditions of each individual. Lack of sleep may cause mood swings, feelings of agitation, restlessness or sluggishness and other negative feelings which over time impacts the overall well being of a person.

Did you know that there are meanings to the times you wake up at night? Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest that the body has an organ clock which is much like a clock since it also has 12 points which represent the time of the day that the organs of your body is functioning at its best condition. It also says that the times you wake up can tell you which of your organs need some TLC.

Pericardium (7-9 pm)

Not everyone sleeps early but to those who do, it means that this time of the night is the best time for you can sleep faster during this time. It suggest taking care of the mind and body and a time for meditation or light yoga and some cuddling with your partner. People who sleep at this time won’t have a hard time falling asleep fast and being energetic the next morning.

San Jiao (9-11 pm)

If you haven’t sleep yet at this time, you better drink chamomile tea or warm milk because not sleeping at this time can affect the secondary organs of the body.

Gallbladder (11pm-1am)

Waking up at this time can mean that your gall bladder isn’t functioning properly. The gallbladder is responsible for storing the bile until it gets released to the small intestine. Your gallbladder must function properly so it can send the bile which is needed for fat break down. Take care of your gall bladder by avoiding sweets, salty and fatty foods.

Liver (1-3am)

The liver is the biggest organ of the body and it’s the organ that detoxifies the body. The body cleans itself and removes toxins from the blood and other tissues at 1-3 in the morning so if you wake up at this time, it means that you are deep in emotional waste and you must get rid of them. It also mean that you should take care of your liver more by lowering your alcohol intake and drinking several glasses of water per day.

Lung (3-5am)

There’s an unresolved gried on your part if you happen to wake up a lot at this time that your lungs are not functioning properly. This can weaken your immune system and symptoms like sneezing, wheezing and coughing may begin to exhibit.

Large Intestine (5-7am)

Traditional Chinese Medicine says that this is the best time to go to the toilet and have a bowel movement because the large intestine signifies ‘letting go’ not only mentally and emotionally but physically as well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an old type of medicine of the Chinese people and it’s amazing to see that many of them live to the hundreds so this may mean that what they’re saying is true that’s why it’s important to look closely at your sleeping and waking-up patterns so you can take care of your whole body. Get rid of your emotional burdens by trying yoga techniques and other workouts that can help improve the mood. You may also eat a well-balanced meal to keep your organs healthy.

Make the Traditional Chinese Medicine as your inspiration of strength and where you can get lots of ideas when taking care of your whole body and mind.

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