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This Man Didn’t Want His Shoes To Get Wet – Walked With His Hands Instead

Have you ever seen a man walked using his hands instead of his feet simply because he didn’t want his shoes to get wet and dirty? He must have loved his shoes very much. Many people probably found this to be a very funny act and it surprised them to see how this black man crossed the street. They didn’t think that the man will be doing this and it was something that was totally unexpected and a bit ridiculous if not hilarious.

The video showed the man wearing a blue long-sleeved polo and blue slacks not to mention a black leather shoes. Upon seeing that the street he’s about to cross is a bit covered with water, he looked at his shoes and started unbuttoning his sleeves and pulled it up to his elbows and started walking upside down; using his hands for each step instead of his feet. Good enough for him, he was able to finish his act without falling and it actually seemed very easy for him.

It seemed like it was just a normal thing for him to do. He seemed to enjoy it as a matter of fact. Did you take notice that upon seeing the wet street, he didn’t seem irritated or worried at all. He was just really concerned not to get the shoes wet.

This man’s video had gone viral and it got more than a fair share of views, likes and shares on social media. The online community got a good laugh watching this man’s video. He might become sensational because of this. After all, it’s not a common scenario to see a man choosing to get his hands dirty and wet instead of his shoes. How about you? Have you ever seen someone do what this man did? How would you rate this video?

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