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This Mother Hen Protected Her Chicks from the Rain

The joy of motherhood isn’t limited to humans. Female animals can also show their love for their off springs as shown by many members of the animal kingdom by trying to protect their babies from predators and giving them food and providing shelter.

A good example of a female animal who is a symbol of motherhood is the hen. From the moment the hen lays her eggs, she patiently waits for each egg to hatch so she just sits on her nest to expect her chicks to come out soon. This is what a mother hen’s love is when she needed to take care of her babies.


In an uploaded video by Bored Panda last Tuesday, a mother hen showed her never ending love for her children when she protected all of them from the heavy rain. Drenched and looking quite cold, the mother didn’t mind if it was her whole body she used just to make sure she shielded her kids from getting too wet. It looked like it has been raining for a while.

The kids, on the other hand, were simply standing underneath her wings and enjoying her protection. It’s as if they know that their mother will do anything for them just to make sure they’re alright. What the mother hen did was remarkable because even when she didn’t find any shelter, she still managed to act like an umbrella for them to keep them a little warmer despite the rain.

No one knows why the mother hen and her chicks didn’t have to place to stay or if someone owns them but the quick thinking of the hen had a good result because her chicks were safe. This really proves that a mother’s love has no boundaries even in animals. Did you think the mother hen is very brave and loving?

See the video here | boredpanda

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