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This Street Vendor spotted Reading the Holy Bible When Customers are Few

What can you do when there are no customers yet? Stalk the Facebook profile of your ex? No. of course, you can do that. But you can also read the word of the Lord and marvel in what He can do for you. Remember that God will always protect you even during the times you forsake him. But staying near Him whether you’re rich or poor can do something good for your soul.

This street vendor discovered that. Instead of doing something unnecessary things, he took his time to read the Bible. And he experienced what others don’t. He is now closer to God. The inspired netizen who took the photo and posted it on Social Media said the vendor inspired her. She added that she feels blessed for seeing him do this in his spare time.

Luren C. Padinas is the netizen who posted the vendor’s photo. She felt that the vendor is happy with his life. He is closer to God. So, despite his social status, he feels blessed and isn’t looking for other things in his life. The vendor sells candy outside the mall.

This shows that you can be happy no matter where you are in life. It’s always a matter of perspective and conditioning. If you know you can’t afford it then don’t keep on looking at it. Look at what you have in your life so you won’t get bitter. But if you also want to grow and improve your finances then pray more. And, work on earning more. God will see you and He will answer your prayers and hard work.

The power of prayers is very strong. God knows what you need and for this vendor, his relationship with God is the most important thing in his life. He is happy and feels content.


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