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This Wedding Make Netizens that True Love Really do Exist

It’s not very often that you will know of a couple who look so odd together end up in marriage. People say that love knows no boundaries and this time anew, this rather odd couple had proven it again. Roque Tapales and Mary Joy Arroyo both hail from Zamboanga City. They met at a mall where Roque works as an elevator operator. Standing only 3 ft. tall, this didn’t stop him from pursuing his love for Mary Joy. On her part, despite their difference in height and with Roque’s congenital defects, she accepted the love proposal of Tapales.

photo via Mayor Beng Climaco | Facebook

Their love story may have faced many obstacles because of their physical differences but surprisingly, they ended up marrying each other. They have proved to their detractors that their love is much more than their differences. Tapales and Arroyo are willing to give their union a chance of happiness and have someone to hopefully spend the rest of their lives with. The netizens were both amazed and impressed when their story hit the net. It went viral and the netizens became hopeful after learning their story.

photo via Mayor Beng Climaco | Facebook

After all, love nowadays is just based on pleasure, physical appearance, and financial status. These conditions were overlooked by the couple, especially by the bride. The netizens find it refreshing to see them so in love with one another. Mayor Beng Climaco, the one who officiated the wedding, posted their story on her Facebook account.

photo via Mayor Beng Climaco | Facebook

The mayor congratulated the couple for showing what true love really means and how it can conquer the odds no matter what. This love story will remind people that it is not a sin to fall in love with someone who was not gifted physically and may even have deformities. What matters is that love is pure and both are willing to make the relationship work.


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