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Timeless Beauty, Amazing Dawn Zulueta Still Beautiful with Gray Hair

Dawn Zulueta is aging beautifully! We all know that this actress is beautiful in her younger years. Remember when she started making movies?  She was this morena beauty who didn’t need much makeup to look pretty.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

Fast forward to today, her complexion is whiter but you can still see her natural beauty. She is as gracious as ever. And in this quarantine times, Dawn is one of the showbiz personalities who are showing their natural side.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

Staying at home and having quality time with her family is what keeps Daw busy. She’s been posting photos of family time with her two children and husband. They’re doing lots of activities at home.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

And, Dawn posted her photos with gray hair. She wore it proudly!

Dawn is still the epitome of true beauty despite her graying hair. She is looking great even in these trying times.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

Her graying hair inspired many netizens. One netizen commented that everyone will experience this. The netizen added that we should accept whatever is happening to our bodies when we age.

It is a normal process we should be ready for. The important thing is our outlook on life. Take a look at Dawn. She’s in her golden years but doesn’t look like it.

She’s enjoying and if it weren’t for the lockdown life, she would still be leading a busy life.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

Dawn Zulueta is setting an example of the true essence of beauty. It means you can still be beautiful by embracing your flaws.

Many Pinoy celebrities are showing their natural side while staying at home. The pandemic has driven many of us to try a simple life.

photo via dawn zulueta | ig

That means dressing simply, cooking at home a lot, and taking on arts and crafts projects. It’s also the time when many people catch up on their favorite TV shows and books.

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