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Toddler Has the Perfect Paint Brush for Her Art Project and Her Dog Has Awesome Roles Here’s Why

The love between a dog and a human is always deep. Dogs are loyal creatures while humans can never resist the cuteness of dogs. Dogs are particularly fond of little kids especially toddlers. There are many instances when you will see dogs playing with toddlers and making sure to keep them safe. This video which went viral on Social Media features a baby girl who appeared doing her normal painting activities but what surprised netizens is that she isn’t using a paint brush or her hands. She used her dog’s tail as a paint brush.

This came as a shock to everyone who saw it because the dog didn’t seem angry with the girl for using its tail. The dog was calm and collected and it just let the toddler do as she pleased. The toddler enjoyed using different colors to make her masterpiece and the dog would just lie there and sometimes watched how she was doing. The pair worked together to make a beautiful work of art. Netizens tried hard not laugh at what happened to the dog’s tail for being used as a paint brush but all is well and the dog didn’t get angry.

The inspirational and funny video showed how dogs can be a part of a family and how they can be good around the kids. Even videos uploaded before have shown that dogs are pleasing companions for playful children because dogs are patient with them and serve as their guides as they learn and grow older. With proper training, dogs can be well-mannered and obey commands that owners won’t have a hard time getting them near the kids. The video also shows that a dog’s tail can make for a good paint brush.


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