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Traditional Prosperity Dance During a Couple’s Wedding and They got Whopping Php629,000

What’s better than getting married to the love of your life? Getting lots of money, of course! Apparently, this couple got both. Ernie Piamonte Balili is a photographer in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. He posted a remarkable of a couple’s prosperity dance. They got Php629,000 when their guests pinned Php500 and Php1000 bills on their wedding attires.

Image via Ernie Piamonte Balili / Facebook

The prosperity dance is not to boast a person’s wealth. But rather, couples dance to it for good fortune. This traditional dance is a wedding custom in many cultures. The guests give gifts to help a couple start a prosperous life. Indeed, getting huge money is a sign of fruitful beginnings! For this couple, they got a whopping Php629,000! What a way to start their married life!

Image via Ernie Piamonte Balili / Facebook

The post has gone viral and had mixed reactions from netizens. Some were “envious” and wished they also experience the same. Others said that the couple is lucky for receiving this amount. To answer the comments, Jan Marianed Casten Faeldonis shared the photos of the bride’s sisters’ weddings. It seems that this is their family tradition. The photos showed their wedding photos. They also got a lot of money from their prosperity dance! These pictures were older. So, you can see that the money was old circulations. But, it’s evident that the sisters and their husbands also got a lot! Who would not want to become a member of this family?

Image via Ernie Piamonte Balili / Facebook

Others commented that marriage is still about the relationship. Of course, not everyone can afford big money gifts. The couple’s family may be well-off. They continue with this long tradition. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s important is how a couple makes their marriage work. They can do that with little or much money. It’s always up to them. Let’s just wish them a good and happy life ahead. And, to those who couldn’t afford this, it’s okay. Marriage can still be happy with love and cooperation.

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