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Trending Hashtag Nikko Natividad on Vice Ganda’s “PrankedCall” to Fire Him

Pranking is a form of entertainment. Some get angry when they are pranked. Others have a good laugh about it. This Hashtag member got the scare of his life from a prank. Vice Ganda did the prank – and Nikko believed it. The two belong to Showtime which is an afternoon entertainment show in ABS-CBN. Before that, Nikko did the pranking. He guested at the MOR 101.9 radio program of DJ Chacha. He also pranked Vice in that show. Nikko told Vice that he has a gender identity problem. Vice thought this prank is real. He also gave Nikko advice on how to deal with his problems.

But this time, it’s Vice turn to prank Nikko. This Hashtag member is infamous for being a nitpicker. Vice asked Nikko the real story to which he answered that he was just joking around. Of course, Vice didn’t let that pass. He even asked the help of band vocalist Raymond Marasigan. Nikko didn’t suspect anything. So he thought he will lose his job. Because of that, Nikko cried and said he is worried he can’t support his child anymore. He doesn’t want to lose his job. Who would?

He promised Vice he will change his behavior. He also said that he will act better and more nicely to the people around him especially with the show’s director. He also promised to interact positively with the management team. After the “drama”, Nikko learned that Vice just pranked him. Everybody had a good laugh. And, Nikko is not going to lose his job.

What a revenge this prank was! Vice did a great job in hiding the “truth” with Nikko. The Showtime family is like a true family. It has been running for many years now. Because of this, the artists, and other members of the show are already in harmonious relationship with one another.

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