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Tricycle Driver Surprises Wife with Milk Tea, Netizens Screams Sweetness in Excitement

How sweet! This trending tricycle driver surprises his wife with milk tea. The internet went wild when they learned about it. Tatay tricycle driver was the first customer to arrive in the Milk Tea Café. He asked if the milk tea making process is quick. He said that his wife is waiting and he didn’t tell her he’s treating her for some milk tea. The Citea Milk Tea Café crew learned that it was her first time to taste the sweet concoction. Because of this, Tatay requested that they make it very special.

The Citea crew posted his sweet and wonderful gesture. The post said, “Flex ko lang ang una kong customer.” The Facebook page of the now-viral post said they just want to show their first sweet customer. They even captioned it “true love exists” and “eto yung sana all talaga”. The milk tea café believes in true love and they saw it in Tatay.

This sent positive vibes to their customers who also shared it. The post now has more than 50k reactions, more than 2k comments, and almost 20k shares. Netizens can’t help but join the sweet story. One netizen said that Tatay is a gem! They mentioned that his surprise for his wife is a sweet gesture. In a way, he inspired people to look around them and share kindness with the people they interact with.

Valentine’s Day is almost near and it seems like Tatay is making V-day every day for his wife. Couples will face many trials but a sweet spouse is always better. This makes the trials more bearable. It can also make their relationship survive many storms. Kudos to tatay for making his wife feel special. And, good job to Citea Milk Tea for sharing this! What do you think of this story?


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