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Two Lolos Were Having a Heated Argument over the Lotto Results and Everyone Are Confused on What They Were Fighting About

The winning price of Lotto in the Philippines has been exciting so many people recently. Who wouldn’t get excited with Php700M? Even if amusement tax will take 30% of the earnings, it’s still a huge amount of money so the Filipino community is very excited and anticipating if there will be a grand winner. The draw happens tomorrow, September 28, 2018 and many are lining up just to get tickets for this much-awaited event.


Two Lolos (senior men) were having a heated argument over the lotto results and everyone is confused on what they were fighting about. The first lolo insisted that the government isn’t going to give away such a big amount as a price for lotto. He said that if it was a lower amount then he would believer that someone will win so he clarified to the other lolo that the government will draw the numbers that no one betted for and that the government will just use the money after the draw.



The other lolo said that what if he wins then clearly lotto is true even for the biggest winning price. The results of the lotto draw which will happen tomorrow is keeping everyone at the edge of their seats.


This amount of money, if someone or a number of people really win it can change the life of people but there are also negative effects because someone’s life can be in danger if criminals find out who won because they might want to steal it. New ‘friends’ will also keep coming back to ask for ‘balato’ and will definitely get angry if they won’t be given any but if someone does win, let’s all hope that it will be used meaningfully.

Watch the argument of two Lolos

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