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Two Scared Dogs Thought They Will Never Be Rescued But What This Black Labrador Did Surprised Them

Dogs are courageous creatures and they’re very loyal by nature. They help us humans and make us happy but they’re also very loving to their friends. This brave black Labrador proved that he is a hero in the eyes of his owner and these two frightened dogs riding a canoe against strong water current.

This video which was uploaded on Facebook which showed two shaking and howling dogs trying to escape the situation they were in but they were stuck in the canoe and the water current was so strong that their chance of survival was limited.

But then, a black Labrador came to their rescue. The black Labrador plunged into the water and hurriedly went where the canoe was. They were crying for help then thankfully, the Labrador was able to reach their location. The hero dog pulled the canoe’s rope using his mouth so they were able to go back safely to the banks. The owner of the dog who wasn’t able to help cheered the dog as he did an impressive maneuver. By the end of the video, the three dogs were safe and dry.

This is the time when human interception isn’t needed because the animals themselves are already helping out each other and they’re even doing a better job than humans sometimes. Robbie the Labrador deserves a treat for his heroic act. Who knows what could have happened if that brave big dog wasn’t there?

It’s also important for owners to remember that they shouldn’t leave their dogs unattended because these kinds of things happen. It’s a good thing if there’s someone or an animal can help out but what if there isn’t anybody around? Owners should be responsible with their pets, agree?

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