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Two young girls from Thailand amazed netizens for saving up money for their dream Smartphone

It’s hard to keep up with different trends these days. If you’re a working parent, you’ll know that you need to work hard to give a comfortable life to your children. Aside from clothing, shelter, food, and their needs, you also need to buy them stuff from time to time. These can be toys, books, or even a Smartphone. But how can you teach them to stay frugal and save-up? Being thrifty has its benefits. The most obvious is having enough money when you need it. And, having a budget to buy the things you want.

Two young girls from Thailand amazed netizens for saving up for their dream Smartphone. The time has come wherein the money they saved is ready to buy for their dream unit and. Their father is the one who taught them to stay frugal and save up for the things they like to buy.

The two girls went to the mobile phone store to buy the Smartphone they saved for. They asked the staff if they can use their coins to buy it. The staff told them yes and was surprised when they put out all their coins. They told them they saved for the phone model for a long time. The older child saves up her pocket money. The younger sister also did it and they’ve been practicing this habit as taught by their father. The staff was inspired for their dedication and posted the story on Social Media. It became viral and many people admired the two girls for practicing this habit.

It’s amazing how two young girls know the value of saving up. Not many children know that these days. A lot of parents spoil their kids thinking it can compensate for the times they leave them at home. But these girls showed that kids can still do it as long as their parents are there to teach them.

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