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UFC inside the Bus – Conductor Punches Non-paying Passenger

A passenger got punched by a bus conductor after he allegedly refused to pay the bus fare.

In a Facebook video uploaded by John Noel Cabatuan, a passenger in red shirt is heard provoking the bus conductor.

He had his face threateningly close to the conductor while biting his lower lip in aggravation.

“Ano?” he spats at the conductor. “Bakit ka nakatingin sa’kin?” asks the conductor

“Ano rin?” raises the voice of the passenger.

That was when the conductor tucked his ticket book in his pocket and landed several punches in the passenger’s face. The passenger was not able to do anything but cover his face with his forearm.

Based on the uploader’s caption, the passenger claimed to be a police officer and refused to pay the fare.

Some passengers tried to break down the fight, saying that the conductor should not let the heat of the argument take over. Others emphasized that there are children present in the bus.

Although the passenger was the one who got hurt, netizens rallied behind the conductor.

“Maangas ka masyado , wala ka pala pambayad ikaw pa matapang,” wrote one viewer.

“Kala kasi nila ang konduktor di napapagod,” sympathized another.

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