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Unbelievable Hip-hop Moves and Head Isolation Routines Made Boy Famous in the Internet

Don’t think hip-hop is for grown-ups because it’s not. Even the younger generations dance to the beat of rhythmic music and many are influenced to do head isolation moves because it’s very entertaining. A boy wowed netizens when he did a hip-hop and head isolation number with many people watching by. The boy is about 7-10 years old and wearing a formal attire but danced hip-hop. The crowd was shocked with his moves especially the head isolation routines when it appeared that his head is floating in the air and sort of away from his head.

It wasn’t a camera trick, but a special maneuver of the head which looks like it’s moving in a different direction or floating against the whole body. This trick makes the head appear to be unattached from the person dancing. This is the dance moves of the boy that made everyone applaud. The young boy’s age amazed everyone that’s why they watched him until the end of his show. Some also felt a little concern about his stunt but this boy could not be stopped and he finished his dance number with many people admiring him.

Hip-hop moves and head isolation routines are being practiced by many people and some are very popular for their moves but head isolation also has some health disadvantages like dislocation of shoulders but many still do it because of the fulfillment it gives so it’s just important to always be cautious just to keep safe. This boy knows his routine at an early age.

While other kids are still playing outside, he’s practicing for something that will make him famous one day. This is much better than being involved in drugs. How about you, would you let your kids learn these?

Watch the impressive dance move video of young boy here

Credit: Facebook/Nicole Hoh

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