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Updated Philhealth Contribution Table 2018

The PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation has been released their latest PhilHealth contribution table 2018 for employed and self-employed members, OFWs, and Sponsored Program Members for 2018. The table below shows the salary bracket, salary range, the share of employee and employer. It is important for a member to know what bracket of contributions they’d into.

During the last quarter of 2017, PhilHealth had released Circular No. 2017-0024 announcing the adjustment in premium contribution of its members. The main objective of the adjustment is for the agency to cope with the increasing costs of subsidy being shouldered by PhilHealth.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2018 for Employed Members

The fund accumulated from the increase in premium contribution will be used to sustain the various program benefits and to ensure that the agency will continue to provide the healthcare financing needs of the members.

The adjustment had started last January 2018 and PhilHealth members are required to contribute 2.75% of their monthly salary. Likewise, the agency wants to pursue the 28-tier bracketing system in computing the monthly premium.

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Thus, a new table of monthly philhealth contribution for 2018 has been created.

Monthly Salary
x 2.75%
Monthly Premium Personal Share Employer Share
P 10,000.00 and below P 275 P 137.50 P 137.50
P 10,000.01
P 39,999.99
P 275.02
P 1,099.99
P 137.51
P 549.99
P 137.51
P 549.99
P 40,000.00 and above P 1,100.00 P 550.00 P 550.00

In accordance to RA 10361, the premium contributions of the Kasambahay shall be shouldered solely by the household employer. However, if the Kasambahay is receiving P5,000 monthly salary or above, the Kasambahay shall pay his/her proportionate share.

Philhealth Contribution 2018 for Kasambahay

Philhealth Contribution Table 2018 for OFW

OFWs landbased should pay Php 2,400.00 per annum or Php1,200 for the 6 months contributions. either documented or undocumented.


PhilHealth Contribution Table 2018 for Self-employed, Individually Paying Member:

If you have a monthly income of Php25,000 and below you must pay Php2,400 and members with income above Php25,000 every month should pay Php3,600. Note this is per year basis.
For those under this category, members can pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

PhilHealth Contribution Table 2018 for the Sponsored Program Members:

An annual premium of Php2,400 for those members under the sponsored program. Either they are fully or partially subsidized by their sponsor.

According to Philhealth, all sponsored members and their beneficiaries

shall be entitled to identified in-patient hospital care (including the Z Benefit Package), out-patient care services, and other health care services provided by accredited health care centers and providers. They shall also be entitled to the No balance Billing (NBB) Policy for health care services provided by accredited government health facilities in a non-private accommodation. Likewise, they shall also be entitled to the Primary Care Benefit 1 (PCB1) Package to be provided by their accredited Primary Care Benefit Provided where they are assigned and enlisted.

Be updated about the latest changes in PhilHealth Contribution by visiting this site.

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