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Former Host Actress Vanessa Del Bianco Shares Her Life Outside of Showbiz

Vanessa Del Bianco is a former contract star of ABS-CBN. One of the first shows she appeared in was ‘Gimik.’ That show was huge in the 90s.

She was a guest star in the show and played a ‘kontrabida’ role. Viewers took notice of her sex appeal. After all, Vanessa had foreign blood and grew up in Canada. The Fil-Italian beauty became a part of the “Magandang Tanghali Bayan” show. That was the show of Willie Revillame, John Estrada, and Randy Santiago.

This was where she met John Estrada who was married to Janice de Belen, a veteran actress. Not long after she joined the afternoon show, sparks flew between them. At first, they denied the rumors.

But when John and Janice separated, viewers were able to confirm what they suspected. John and Vanessa continued to deny their affair. Yet, John would go to Canada when Vanessa left the Philippines.

They never admitted their affair until John said they broke up. Filipino fans who considered Janice as a household name, despised Vanessa for being the woman who stole John from his family.

As many people know, John was a good husband, father, and stepfather to his family. But all is well now. John and Janice separated for good while still being friendly for the sake of their children.

John married again and now has a daughter with Priscilla Mereiles, a Brazilian beauty queen. And for Vanessa, the Fil-Italian beauty went to school again when she came back to Canada.

She is living a more peaceful life in her home country. Now a Sales Manager at the Mayfair Club, she juggles her work and still doing some modeling stints. There are times when she visits the country, but she didn’t share if she plans on going back to acting.

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