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Venus Raj Shared Her Mantra When It Comes To Her Belongings.

Considering the crisis the world is facing right now, being practical and thrifty are two things we need to teach ourselves with. While most of us are thriving in life, others are just so blessed to still get a job and have an income despite the pandemic. These blessings give us light in these dark times and make us forget what we are going through.

COVID-19 taught us many things and gives us so much realization. One of those, and I know all of you can agree, that nothing in this life is permanent. In a snap, life is taken away, jobs and companies stopped, businesses are closed, and money could not guarantee our safety. What we have is each other and of course, the always faithful and gracious person
above, God.

Speaking of thrifty, the former beauty queen Venus Raj shared her mantra when it comes to her belongings. As we all know, Venus is just a simple woman who wants to show the world the natural beauty and intelligence of Filipinos. She raised the flag of the Philippines in the 2010 Miss Universe and take home the title as the 4th runners-up.

Like most of us, Venus was raised in a simple kind of living. Despite her fame and achievement, she remained grounded and humble. Her lifestyle didn’t even change, she is still simple and beautiful. In fact, she only owned a few things such as bags, shoes, and clothing.

The 32-year-old beauty queen shared how she disciplines herself in buying things and she is not a fan of collecting shoes, bags, and other expensive possessions like other artists.

“Until your slippers or shoes are worn out, you couldn’t get a new one. I grew up in this discipline, kaya sinisira ko tsinelas mo para ibili ng bago“, she said of her Instagram.

Her childhood plays a huge part in this discipline. Her experiences when she was young taught her to give importance on the things she has and though she can now afford to buy anything, she still managed to control herself.

“…this discipline also taught me to be contented with what I have and maximize the use of things before I dispose them. Same discipline applies to my gadgets, bags, clothes, hangga’t magagamit pa, hangga’t pwede pa, bakit ka bibili ng bago?,” she added.

She is truly an inspiration to young people. More than just having a pretty face and sexy body, she has a good and humble heart.

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