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Veteran Broadcaster Ces Drilon Move Forward Into Agriculture Life After Losing the Job

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the ABS-CBN Corp. lost its chance to air and continue serving the public due to the disapproval and non-renewal of its franchise.

This comes after the House of Representatives’ committee on legislative franchises on July 10 voted 70-11 to deny the broadcast giant’s franchise renewal application.

After 25 years of its franchise, the ABS-CBN stopped its free TV and radio channels by government order, and almost 11, 000 employees became jobless.

Ces Drilon, one of the most known reporters of ABS-CBN, was also one of those people affected by the non-renewal of the station’s franchise. But lately, she has found a new endeavor. The veteran journalist broadcaster and former news anchor of “Bandila” shared in her Instagram how she starts to enjoy the simple life devoting her time to farming.

“Farmer Ces at @vagabondfarms. Am really excited to devote more time to farming’’, she captions her post.  In a photo, she is wearing a brown dress, standing in the middle of many malunggay trees. ‘’ Photo 1 is me amongst our malunggay trees. We are transferring them to the perimeter fence to plant dayap and avocado”, she says. She has shared a few photos of her from the different areas of their farm.

Ces was one of the employees who were outspoken of the many issues in the government and even with the issue of the ABS-CBN closure.

She earlier said that it hurt that she had to tell the other employees about the retrenchment program. “This was one of the toughest days I had to face. Telling fellow kapamilyas that they would lose their jobs by the end of August. I lost mine too”, she said in her earlier tweets.

But, Ces is now moving forward. She said she had long planned to continue farming. “Farming was the plan until ABS-CBN plucked me out of ‘retirement’ from field reporting”, said Ces.

“Now it’s time to give it more focus as life has once again led me to a new journey. But I will always be #foreverkapamilya,” she said.

ABS-CBN Corp. may have to wait for a less hostile Congress to be elected in 2022 – or pursue legal remedies that have not been tested, as some lawyers suggest.

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