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Vhong Navarro Shares how Cool Dad He Is to His two Son

Vhong Navarro started as a member of the famous 90s dance group, Street Boys. The group was known for making stunts while performing a dance number. He eventually entered the movies and TV. He had done several movies; some of which, he was the lead role. He’s now forty-two years old and one of the hosts of Its Showtime with Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Karylle, fellow Street Boys member Jhong Hilario among others. He has reached the peak of his showbiz career by now.


Like most celebrities, Vhong had also faced a lot of controversies with the “rape” case filed against him by Deniece Cornejo being the most controversial and had almost cost his life. He was able to survive all the controversies and happy to tell everyone that he had remained standing on the ground. Aside from showbiz commitments, Vhong is busy with his two sons. He may be a funny man but when it comes to his children, he’s a responsible father to which his sons Isaiah and Fredriek can attest to. Family and friends describe Vhong to be a thoughtful boyfriend, a good friend, and a hardworking man.


Vhong has won several awards in his entire career but he wasn’t successful with his marriage with Bianca Lapus. His relationship with his sons is okay though. His marriage with Bianca ended after he got into an affair with Desiree del Valle in 2006. The relationship ended in 2009 after he and Desiree had a misunderstanding. Though he got separated from Bianca, his two sons grew up to be close to him. They are now on the same path as their father. His two sons take after his dancing talent and both are part of Its Showtime now.


Vhong takes his sons with him abroad and had been to Korea recently. Vhong had a reunion of sorts with ex-wife Bianca during the graduation of their son. Vhong became emotional with his son’s achievement and was very happy about it.

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