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Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s Pride Baby Talitha Shows Off Her Memorization Skills

Vic Sotto may be proud! Adorable Baby Talitha is Vic’s daughter with Pauleen Luna, his second wife. The couple got married in 2016. It was a star-studded event.

However, Vic and Pauleen’s love story was rough at first. After falling in love, there were rumors that Vic’s children from his first marriage with Dina Bonevie didn’t approve of Pauleen. In particular, Oyo Boy didn’t idea.

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The reason is the history between Pauleen and Oyo Boy’s wife. Kristine’s ex-boyfriend Diether Ocampo is the reason. There was a time when fans learned that Pauleen seduced Diether. Kristine found some photos of Pauleen in his file.

image via pauleenlunasotto | ig

But, as they say, love conquers all. Oyo Boy and his sister Danica are good-natured. The two are very low-key and have beautiful families. They don’t like any trouble. They’ve even accepted Vico who Vic’s son with Coney when Dina and Vic are still married.

image via pauleenlunasotto | ig

That said, everything was fixed. It was a journey for all of them. There was forgiveness, love, and acceptance. Now, the modern family is closer than ever. Even Kristine and Pauleen can be seen in photos together nowadays.

image via pauleenlunasotto | ig

In 2017, Baby Talitha was born. Pauleen and Vic couldn’t be happier. The baby girl is now 2, and she’s a smart girl! She’s memorized the planets of the solar system at her young age.


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Pauleen shared on her Instagram account how intelligent her daughter is. Baby Talitha still has a hard time pronouncing the name. Yet, the baby girl got the orders right.

Baby Talitha also knows different colors now. She and her mommy are big on Social Media. They would dance together or Pauleen would ask her to send a birthday to her daddy.

Baby Talitha is an adorable little girl. Many people on Social Media love her and miss her whenever Pauleen is unable to post a photo or video of her.

Kudos to Pauleen for being a hands-on mom to Baby Talitha.

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