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Viral: Photo of Humble School Principal Plowing on Brigada Eskwela Program

Brigada Eskwela is one of the school activities participated by the teachers, parents, and other NGO’s.  This activity involves cleaning the school making it ready before the classes begin.

In a school in Zamboanga del Sur, a photo of principal plowing the school garden went viral. Mr. Desiderio Alquizar Logdonio is the principal of Anding Agricultural Vocational Technical School. Since it is an agricultural school, the students were taught about farming.

image of Mr. Desiderio Alquizar Logdonio

Unlike other school heads, Mr. Logdonio was seen plowing the garden rather than delegating the task to others. A concerned citizen had taken photos of the impressive leadership of the principal and posted it on social media.

According to the principal, the main source of living in the region is farming. That’s why he grew up doing in the farm. Farming has helped him a lot for the schooling of his children. In spite of his busy schedule and responsibilities at school, the principal always has time for farming.

Many netizens have been admiring Mr. Logdonio for being humble though he is the school head. Aside from plowing in the garden, he also helped in fixing the broken lines of the water system and doing other tasks.

image of Mr. Desiderio Alquizar Logdonio

Some people would think that the school head was only doing it for photoshoot. You were mistaken because he was really doing it wholeheartedly. Farming will always be in his heart and he won’t be ashamed to do it even though he is a high-ranking official of the school.

The admirable story of Mr. Logdonio is proof that regardless of the position in the government you should not forget the humble beginnings. The principal said that his achievements in the teaching profession will always remind him of being a farmer.

Likewise, the commendable leadership of Mr. Logdonio was also aired in the GMA News. This may serve as an inspiration to us that regardless of the achievement, we should always be humble.

see video source: gma

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