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Visually Impaired Baby Boy Overjoyed When He Sees Everything Clearly for the First Time

Visual impairment or alternatively known as low vision is a much-decreased capacity of the eye to see clearly. Standard glasses or contact lenses can’t cure visual impairment that people who are affected by this condition have a difficult time doing some tasks. Severe visual impairment or Legal Blindness symptoms include reduced side vision wherein the person who has this condition seems like he is ‘looking through a tunnel’.  This is the condition of the little boy in the video, baby Christian.

Baby Christian has visual impairment which his parents discovered even before he learned how to speak. This news was very hard for his parents and the baby because this limits his capabilities in doing things that require clear vision but that changed when his doctor prescribed him an eyeglasses meant for a visually-impaired person like him. His baby blue eyeglasses were put on by his mother. At first he was reluctant. He must have thought something was wrong because something was on his eyes but when he opened it and he saw his surroundings clearly for the first time, his reaction was priceless.

He began to smile. He was very happy because this means new beginnings for him and his eyes. His parents were also happy for his new eyeglasses. Baby Christian was wide-eyed as he explored his environment. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The new pair of eyeglasses is instrumental in making a little boy see not only his surroundings clearly but his future as well. Through special eyeglasses, he can now explore his neighborhood or other places. He can play with toddlers like him. He can go to normal school and have normal activities. He may have an eye condition but this isn’t stopping him from having a good time.


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