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Watch: Daniel Padilla Showed His Protective Older Brother Side In Magui’s Debut

Daniel Padilla is also known as Daniel John Ford Padilla. He is the son of Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla. Daniel was discovered by Douglas Quijano who is a talent manager. Then he joined the Star Magic Circle 2013. Daniel is a singer and an actor in the Kapamilya network. He is the popular leading man of Kathryn Bernardo. Daniel starred on popular films such as, The Hows of Us, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Barcelona: A Love Untold, Crazy Beautiful You, and more.

photo via kathniel_teamsolid | ig

Daniel Padilla is known to be the real life boyfriend of Kathryn Bernardo, but he is also a protective brother to his sister Magui. Magui turned 18 years old this weekend and her family organized a star-studded birthday party for her.

photo via kathniel_teamsolid | ig

Many fans are touched on how Daniel became a loving and protective brother to his sister. The photos of the debut had gone viral on social media. You will see how Daniel takes care Magui in the party.

Daniel entertained everyone with his song numbers. He also had a duet with the debutant. The guests are surprised when the two sang “Yugyugan Na” by P.O.T. There was a video when Kathryn teases her boyfriend because he was not happy that Magui is now 18 years old.

photo via kathniel_teamsolid | ig

Daniel doesn’t like his sister to have a boyfriend yet and tries to keep boys away from her. When a popular  Youtuber named Justine Vasquez talked to Magui, he gave him a cold stare. Daniel is a protective and sweet older brother.

photo via kathniel_teamsolid | ig

Magui’s mother is Karla Estrada and her father is Quezon City Councilor Mike Planas. Daniel’s other siblings are Jose Carlito and the youngest which is Carmela. Daniel loves his family so much. He is a responsible son and a caring brother to his siblings. Fans admire how loving Daniel is to his sister.

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