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Welcome to the World! Solenn Heussaff on Motherhood and Baby Thylane’s Green Bedroom

Solenn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is, Baby Thylane. The actress and model is now a doting mom and very proud of her precious baby girl. So proud that she allowed her followers a glimpse of this baby’s room! The 8-minute Youtube showed viewers how cool Baby Thylane’s room is. Born on January 1, Baby Thylane is Solenn and husband Nico’s first daughter.


Solenn is a fan of the color, Sage Green. She’s also into the tropical design at the moment. This is evident in the little girl’s room. Solenn created the vision for the room. And, Hurray Interior Design Group helped her realized that. There are plants and other tropical-related stuff inside the cute room. Solenn also made sure there are enough Pinoy items in her baby’s room! Solenn has Pinoy blood running through her veins.


Baby room aside, it seems like Solenn is enjoying motherhood. She said that she and Nico are spending a lot of time in the house since their baby came. She also mentioned that Baby Thylane is an easy baby. French-Pinay beauty is taking her time. She wants to spend as much time as she can with her daughter. This room enables the family of three to build a lasting and loving foundation. They are still in the early years of family life. Many will still happen. But, love and commitment are apparent in the couple.


Solenn and her husband are busy people. But family is important to them. They are role models in time management. They can handle busy lives and still have time for friends and family. This is so important for children. Having a strong foundation will help them through most things in life. We wish Baby Thylane a wonderful family life!

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