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What! Mommy Divine Allegedly Would Like a Prenuptial Agreement for Sarah Geronnimo

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli planned to go to Italy and get wed on a grand wedding ceremony on March. The couple were so excited that they already got married last February 20 in a secret civil wedding held at BGC Taguig’s luxury hotel.

The couple got engaged last year and posted the good news on Instagram account. Rumors are circulating that Sarah and Matteo’s engagement was really 1 year before they decided to announce it to the public.

Sarah is a 31 year-old singer and actress with a mother that is very protective. Mommy Divine did not approve of Sarah’s wedding. A recent news was published in an entertainment site. According to the news, a blind item of a mother who is not cooperative in her daughter’s wedding preparations.

The news did not indicate any names but the netizens thought that it was Mommy Divine who is mentioned in the blind item. Everyone knows that Sarah and Matteo are tying the knot on March. The couple’s initial plan was to get married in Italy so they can pay homage to Matteo’s family. Mommy Divine was reportedly giving her daughter a hard time by not signing some documents that they need for their Italy wedding. She also would not be able to join Sarah because she doesn’t have a Visa.

Mommy Divine also showed that she doesn’t want to cooperate with the wedding coordinators during her gown’s measurement. She said that her measurements might change at the wedding day. Mommy Divine failed to attend video shoots to give a message for Sarah’s wedding.

Netizens are surprised when a news about Mommy Divine wanting Matteo to sign a prenuptial agreement. This agreement is a written contract that will place all Sarah’s finance and assets under her name. Sarah Geronimo did not let Matteo sign this because this is not good for her husband.

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