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What to Do If You Forgot the PIN Number of Your BDO Account

It is very common to many people to forget the PIN code of ATM cards. In fact, there are also instances to forget the passwords for various accounts and even emails. If you’re one of those people who frequently forget passwords and PIN code of your BDO account, then you must know some helpful tips on what to do if the scenario arises.

In the case of forgetting the PIN of your BDO ATM card, you should remember that your account may be locked after three unsuccessful attempts. Once your account is locked, BDO won’t allow you to retrieve your PIN. Instead, your ATM card will be replaced and you’ll be given a new PIN.


But, before replacing your ATM card, you can try recalling your PIN code by doing these quick tips listed below:

  • If you’re using a pattern, try to recall it
  • If you’re using a number combination, think the number you’re trying to enter the last time you had use the ATM card
  • Recall other PIN code or passwords you’re using with other accounts

To avoid forgetting your PIN code, the best thing to do is to think and use words or number that is significant to your life. But, it’s important to add security measures in changing and using specific PIN code.

It is recommended to change your PIN code regularly, but never divulge it to other people. Likewise, you should not allow somebody to use your ATM number and card to other transactions.

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In case that you’re unable to recall your PIN code, the last resort is to report to the BDO office and apply for card replacement. BDO is using a complex algorithm for the default PIN for additional security due to the risks of hacking attempts.

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