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When Allegedly Tokhang Turns to be a Funny and Happy One

A well-planned proposal aside from a fairy tale wedding is every woman’s dream. Women love the type of proposal that is not only surprising but something that will melt her heart. Well, it seems like that’s a thing of the past especially for the people who are ever active on social media. Nowadays, you can see proposals done just about anywhere and anyway. Even the celebrities have joined this trend.


Take for example this video; it was definitely a proposal that the woman will never forget but not because of the sweetness it brought her but rather, the fear she experienced. It can be seen that suddenly, the sound of sirens were all over. The other lady in the house even instructed someone to close the door but a group of men suddenly entered the house. These men happened to be barangay tanods. They were looking for the live-in partner of the woman for allegedly selling shabu.


At that point, especially when the hands of the man were handcuffed, the woman was already panicking. She was even trying to call someone on the phone but due to her nervousness, it seemed like she can’t really contact anyone. One of the tanods read something to the man and he handed over a piece of paper to the woman saying that it was the warrant of arrest. And so the woman opened the envelope and she really got the surprise of her life; it was a marriage proposal!


Now, what can you say about this? If you were the woman in the video, would you appreciate the manner the man proposed to her? Obviously, it was well-planned and even the barangay officials were included in the drama. Based on the comments, the netizens enjoyed it and most of them were touched with the proposal. The video got a good number of share, likes and comments when it was posted on Facebook.

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