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When Boat Docks Gone Wrong – Frightens Bystanders

A port is where big ships that travel through the ocean dock. Nowadays, the netizens have been very fond of compiling video clips of different incidents which they think would amuse or amaze the online community. This video shows different clips of docking big ships gone wrong. These separate incidents caused panic and fear to the bystanders for fear of getting hit by the ships. Who wouldn’t be? Getting hit by the big ships would cause too much harm or worse, it can be fatal.

The first incident showed several people at the docking area that got startled when an approaching big ship obviously got out of control and bumped into the steel railings of the port. Second clip showed a huge ship approaching the shore very fast and causing the water to flow more than it was supposed to.

Some clips showed ships that fell sideways but were still managed to stay afloat which made the people who saw the incident applaud. These videos are a bit funny by the way; seeing ships go sideways. It can be a bit hilarious. Another huge ship bumped into a small flame on the shore. It didn’t cause any explosion though. Another one showed a ship approaching the shore as fast the other ship and also caused a lot of water to flow into the shore.

Watching these video clips can make you fear getting near a docking ship. After all, it isn’t a good thought to get stuck between giant ships. You will surely break your bones and crush your flesh. There’s real danger in this kind of incidents but there are times that they can’t be avoided. It can be caused either by human or mechanical errors but whichever is the reason for these kinds of accidents, it’s better to always be very careful.

Watch the whooahh video here

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