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Why Ohh Why, Grandpa Destroying Gadgets at Home

This video showing a grandpa getting really mad at his grandson for playing video games all day really shocked the online world. Nowadays, the kids, teens and even adults just waste their time at home doing nothing but play video games or go online all day. The young people of this generation don’t seem to value their time and don’t work hard enough for their future. Most of them just want to stay at home and waste their time on gadgets.


This video showed a grandfather literally destroying all the gadgets at home to the disbelief of his grandson who got really scared and didn’t even had the courage to stop the old man from doing it. It seemed like grandpa got so irritated and angry at seeing the young man wasting his time and even risking his health doing nothing.



The young man was obese and perhaps, he got that big because of just being a bum in the house. After all, the grandfather wouldn’t be that angry destroying everything if it wasn’t the case. The old man even accidentally stepped on the shattered glasses. The place was a total mess and no one was able to control the old man.


They say that technology is good for everyone and through its advancement, many gain from it but most of the time, people forget to realize that it can also bring a lot of harm. For one, staring at your computer day and night will not only cause your eyes to deteriorate but it can also bring you a lot of illnesses.

The young people of this generation have adapted this kind of life unmindful of all the bad things it can bring them. The netizens who were shocked to see this video should realize the true moral this grandpa may be sending to everyone.

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