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Wife Catches Jeepney Driver with Mistress Causing a Commotion Inside the Jeepney

It’s a common knowledge that men really have a hard time staying faithful to their partners. You hear about these kind of stories everyday; just different situations perhaps. There will be times you may wonder why they can’t stick to only one partner. If this is only possible, it will be a more peaceful life. But then again, it’s just so impossible to happen. As the common cliché goes; men are polygamous by nature. They want different women in their lives.

Take the case of the jeepney driver in this video. He was driving around in his jeepney with his mistress in tow until the wife caught them. A commotion followed of course. The wife kept on beating the mistress out of so much anger and hurt after catching them together. The husband tried to keep them apart to stop hurting each other but the mistress was also in a beast mode and fought out with the wife. Nowadays, mistresses are even braver than the legal wife. A passenger recorded the fight and as you can see, they kept on hurting each other causing some of the passengers to go down from the jeepney.

It wasn’t shown anymore how it stopped but if you’ll ponder on it, the realization that if only both men and women will have respect for themselves and the relationship of others, this kind of scenario will never happen. Both men and women seemed to have no shame nowadays, making this world more troublesome.

It was clearly seen in the video shown how the mistress acted without sign of shame or remorse that she’s stealing the man from his wife. It has become such a crazy world, right? So what can you say about the video and the fight of the two women in the jeepney driver’s life?

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