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Woman Hit By Speeding Bus Survives Unharmed and Shocks The Netizens

They say that if it’s not your time yet, no matter what bad luck comes your way, you will be able to pass through it. Take the case of this woman who was hit by a bus. If you watch the video, you’ll stop breathing for a second with fear and pity because it really seemed like the woman will die from that bump. But watch from start to finish and you will definitely be surprised at how it turned out.

At the start of the video, you will see a woman crossing the street as a big bus was approaching. The driver of the bus, unmindful that there was a woman crossing just went driving without any concern at all that he will hit her hard. The scene was heart stopping; thinking that the woman will perish from getting hit by the bus.

The bus even ran over the woman but it was a miracle that she was able to stand up unharmed. Those who might have seen what happened must have thought that woman will end up crushed and dead after getting hit. She obviously looked frightened and in shock as she sat on the sidewalk; perhaps trying to gain her strength before getting up and going where she was supposed to.

This video became viral on the net; getting about 11M views and more than 200K shares. It also got about 13K comments. It sort of shocked the online community after watching the video with many of the netizens commenting that a miracle had happened. You can’t blame the online community for thinking so because it was clearly seen how the bus hit her real hard but she was able to survive it unscathed. If that wasn’t a miracle, how will you be able to explain what happened?


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