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Woman Loves A Guy Despite His Looks, Earned Admiration From The Netizens.

What is your ideal partner? Someone with great looks, awesome body figure, killer smile, or someone with great paying job? Sometimes we have standards, we want someone with high caliber. But a young woman in Thailand seemed to be different, she wasn’t interested in the looks or social status of her partner.

Phatsara Obnak, 23 years old from Thailand married Boonme Khantohong, a 37-year-old man. Many people questioned her decision to marry a man with a contorted face. You might think that Phatsara married Boonme because he is rich, well that’s not the case. Her husband is a simple guy, not rich, but with a good heart. She said that she never looked at a person’s physical appearance, what matters most for her is the attitude of the person.

Boonme was helping his sister sell papayas in southern Hat Yai City where he met his wife now, Phatsara. They fell in love and got married in a village in northeastern in the province of Surin, Thailand.

Boonme shared that his condition now was the result of having broken capillaries when he was still younger. His parents wanted to cure him and bring him to a hospital in Bangkok for treatment but that was impossible because of poverty. He also had problems looking for a job because he only finished grade 5 and also because of his condition he can hardly talk. Good thing that he has a good friend, Virat Saothong who helped him and gave him a job. Aside from his work, he also helps his sister sell papayas.

Phatsara is so in love with her husband because he is very sweet and hardworking. He accepted Phatsara and her children from her previous partner. A fairy-tale story just like Belle and Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. And just like how the story ended, we wish the couple a happily ever after.

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