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Woman Suffering From Bone Disease Graduated as Magna Cum Laude

It’s common for people to pity individuals who are suffering and battling serious illnesses. But, there are also cases when the physically disadvantaged individuals can be our source of strength. A very good example is this woman who never let her condition hinder her from achieving academic success and graduating from college with flying colors.


Her name is Blissie Cervantes who is from Davao and graduated as a Magna Cum Laude. This amazing and smart lady has been diagnosed with osteogenesisimperfecta, a rare bone disease which is also called as a bone marrow deficiency. She has been battling since she was 3 years old.

The deficiency is caused by problems with how stem cells are developed. In myeloproliferative disorders, the problem is overproduction of white blood cells. In aplastic anemia, no red blood cells are being produced while in leukemia or the cancer of the blood, the white blood cells being produced are not normal.

But, in spite being diagnosed with such rare disease, Blissie was still able to graduate college and even earn the title Magna Cum Laude from the Holy Child College, which can be found in social media sites.

Blissie is a graduate of BSBA (Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.) She majors in Marketing Management.

When it comes to study, Blissie shared some piece of knowledge. According to her, there is actually no secret formula for achieving success.

Listen to the teacher, follow the requirements and study when there’s an exam. Just love what you do because if it feels like a burden to you, you really can’t make it. But, if you think that you’ll gain something from what you are doing, it will be easier for you to do it.


Her mother, Elsa, was super proud of Blissie’s achievement. Blissie also became an inspiration to her classmates because in spite of her condition she remained dedicated and studied hard.

After graduating from college, Blissie has been facing the challenges in looking for a job. She either wants to have a business or work in the government.

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