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Woman Survived a Devastating Flood but Was Left Feeling Scared

A frightening floodwater in Peru has left people and animals running for their lives. The muddy flood which happened in Peru destroyed many things along the way. In the video, you will see a cow swimming and trying to reach the banks to survive while a pig is being saved by its owner. However, the highlight of the video is a woman trying to escape the muddy and suffocating flood. The woman survived the devastating flood but was left feeling scared for what she’s been through.


The flood scared many people because the current was too strong and there were many things like pieces of wood and even a shipping container swimming with it. It’s a dangerous scene and no one will want to be caught in it.


Even the animals that were pulled in by the floodwaters appeared stressed out. Although the area where the water was couldn’t be considered that large, the current is fast that’s why everybody were alarmed. You can hear at the background of the video uploaded that there was a commotion at the scene especially when they saw the woman who was trying to escape the flood.


She made several attempts to escape the piles of wood she got entangled in but the problem is that she was losing her strength. She may also experienced having anxiety attacks that she had to do several tries before she was able to escape the wood piles in the flood.


The woman’s body was covered in mud and when she was able to finally go to the banks, several men ran fast to her direction. They help her stand up. Forces of Nature are inescapable no matter how much we try to keep ourselves safe that’s why it’s important to ask God to help us escape danger anytime.

Watch how they’d rescued the woman | Faceboook

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