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Yamyam Gucong Serves an Inspiration as He Secures His Future from His PBB Prizes and Acting Gigs

Yamyam Gucong was the Grand Winner of Pinoy Big Brother 2019 Edition. This is the reality show franchise of ABS-CBN. A lot of popular TV stars today came from that show. These stars include Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, James Reid, and more.  Some of these stars didn’t even win but were lucky to get continuous jobs from the broadcasting network. But for Yamyam who won the contest, things are looking bright!

credit to gucongyamyam ig

He received many blessings after his winning stint. One of these is a house and lot. He also owns a car now and even has a business. He named his business Yamito’s Bakeshop. His bakeshop is a success in his hometown Bohol. He might be having a grand time acting but he is also saving up for the future. This is why he is investing in his business. He is also working hard to earn more for his family. His Bohol bakery is a hit. So, he wants to invest in a Manila branch.

credit to gucongyamyam ig

Aside from that, this Boholeno is yearning to go to school. He wanted to go to school this year. But, he is so busy that he is postponing it until he has the time. He reasons he wants to strike the iron while it’s hot. He is becoming more and more popular. And, he wants to earn as much as he can for now.

credit to gucongyamyam ig


credit to gucongyamyam ig

Netizens are also amazed by his dedication to his family. Yamyam wasn’t born rich. Because of this, he is trying hard to support his family. He’s happy to give them some comfort now. He also mentioned that he is doing this because he loves them. He stated that he doesn’t want to see them getting hungry. Kudos to Yamyam for being such a generous family member! May you continue to prosper so you can help your family more!

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