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This Waterfall Goes Up Instead Of Going Down, Leaves Spectators In Awe

Is there a waterfall that goes up instead of landing below? Apparently, there is and it’s amazing! But how does this happen? In a video uploaded on Social Media, a couple was seen marvelling at an upside down waterfalls and there are no camera tricks here because there really is an upside down waterfalls. The water from the falls won’t go down because strong gusts of wind are pushing the stream of water back up again so the water appears to be coming out of a sprayer. This is such an amazing phenomenon which only Mother Nature can do and this is a rare sight.

There aren’t much of these types of waterfalls but two are found in Kinder Falls, United Kingdom and Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. These wonders of nature are being visited by many tourists because seeing it in person can be so exciting. Some would even dare to have their videos or pictures taken very near it but always be careful as the strong winds might bring you to the wrong direction.

So after the ‘Crater of Fire’ in Derweze, Turkmenistan or the Aurora Borealis of Denmark and Scotland; we all get to see another stunning and not man-made wonder that can make anyone ask about the authenticity but this is really true and not just some edited crap video. There are many more beautiful and awe-inspiring places and bodies of water to visit that will amaze you.

These places might just inspire you and make you feel thankful for everything that God has been giving His people all this time. But we also need to remember that we have a duty to take care of these kinds of places and not just go there then throw garbage or cause pollution. The kids of tomorrow need to see this and it’s up to us to make sure of that.

Watch the video here:

source: Facebook

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