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Young Boys Were Just Playing Outside When One of Them was Luckily Survived to an Incident

A harrowing video of a kid being dragged by a vehicle was uploaded recently on Facebook. The seemingly safe and quiet street where some children are playing ball became a place of nightmare for one kid when he got dragged under the vehicle. A group of young boys were just playing outside but when this one kid got hurt, everybody was worried and didn’t know what to do. The woman who didn’t notice that he was just tying his shoe went on to drive the vehicle so the kid got the surprise of his life when he went under the vehicle. The kid got dragged by the vehicle but good thing he was left unharmed.

It took a few moments before he went to run to his friend and told them what just happened. All the people in the street got to the boy because he was in shock. It appears that the boy didn’t suffer any injuries but its traumatic effect is what his parents should be worried of. The woman who was driving the vehicle just drove away but it’s hard to tell if she didn’t felt that her car stumbled on a person.

The important thing is the boy was still safe even after what he had been through and his friends were all there to lend a helping hand. If you’re a parent, always remember to check on your kid even if you think he can do well by himself because you’ll never know when an accident will occur.

Just like in this video when a quiet street which children are using as a playground became a spot for accident. It’s important that you know where your kid is and remind him to keep safe always.

Video Here | Facebook

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