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Zeus Collins Shows His Renovated House, From Nothing to Something

Zeus Collins Arellano is a member of Hashtags and a former housemate of the Civilian Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737. Zeus lives in Rizal and worked as a dancer and model before his PBB audition. Zeus had to discontinue his studies because his parents are struggling in finances. He is not from a rich family and he encountered many challenges in life.


Zeus promised his family that he will build their family house in Rizal. He was the grand winner of ABS-CBN game show Minute To Win It: Last Man Standing this year. Zeus won the cash prize of 1 Million Pesos. Zues played the “Wheel of a Deal” game last January 2020. He sorted 20 playing cars placed in the center table and transferred one card at a time to the 5 pedestals according to the card’s value.


Zeus played the Minute to Win It Game with other celebrities like Yam Concepcion, CJ Caguillo, Judy Ann Santos, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Bayani Agbayani, and Elisse Joson. Zeus has a limited time to sort and group the aces, queens, kings, 10s, and jacks one at a time. He arranged them in ascending or descending order single-handedly.

Zeus accomplished the difficult task and arranged the cards properly before the time is up. He became the first grad winner for Season 3. Zeus dedicated his win for his family. On his Instagram account, Zeus shared the photos of his newly renovated house which is located in Rizal. He expressed his gratitude for Minute To Win It: Last Tandem Standing. He said the show made his dream for the family turned into reality.


Zeus made the audience laughed when he said the reason he came back in the game show was to be able to buy appliances for his house. The “Hashtags” member’s house design is both modern and simple. The floor of his house is shiny and the things are still wrapped in plastic materials.

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