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Zsazsa Padilla Shares How She Living a Simple Life to Her Dream Farm House in Quezon

‘The Divine Diva’ Zsazsa Padilla shared her dream property, Farmhouse Casa Esperanza. She built this, together with her current partner, Architect Conrad Onglao. The farm is beautiful.

She included photos of the construction, including some of her and Conrad where the house now stands. They put trees surrounding the house.

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

There’s a pond in the property along with plots of farmland. Zsazsa shared that she always wanted a farmhouse where she can stay when she’s not in Manila. This is where she’ll retire from singing and acting, but, hopefully, not anytime soon.

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

She insisted she wanted a more quiet life when she gets older. This farmhouse in Lucban, Quezon is the fruit of her labor and the realization of her dream.

After more than a year, the farm is operational. They planted different edible produce. Zsazsa can now harvest coconuts, bananas, eggplants, tomatoes, and more from her farm!

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

Her photos on the farm show how Zsazsa can live a simpler life away from the spotlight. Her normal shirt and jeans tell everything! She’s meant for the farm life.

With what’s happening today, it would be a dream to have a place outside of the city. Farm life is less complicated. You can also lie low when city life is exhausting you.

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

Some of the best parts of living in the province are when you can harvest the literal fruits of your label. Aside from that, a secluded place away from the crowd is especially helpful in times of crisis like the pandemic where everybody should practice social distancing.

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

Fresh air, food, and nature can do good for anyone. For someone like Zsazsa, a farm is a perfect property to live a simpler life.

image via zsa zsa padilla | ig

It’s hard not to say ‘Sana All’ when you see Zsazsa’s farm property!

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